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About Ocean Images Underwater Video Housings
     Ocean Images and Co., Inc. is a family owned business located in Cape Coral, Florida. We began building underwater video camera housings in a home workshop in upstate New York.  Of course, trying out our own product was limited to vacations and warm summer days. 
     In 1996, Mike Johnson retired from the University Engineering Department and headed south to Florida with the ever-expanding workshop loaded into a big truck. 


We found a building that could handle the production equipment and began building the first of our Dolphin Underwater Video Camera Housings. 


In 1998, Keith Loson also moved to Florida and joined Mike at Ocean Images. In 2007, Keith became President of Ocean Images & Co., Inc. Of course, Mike is still at Ocean Images but can now have more time for an occasional fishing trip.

     The requests for camera housings and new designs came rapidly with the constant changes to video camcorder technology. All of our housings are designed in-house. The introduction of new computer-controlled precision machines (CNC) allowed us greater control of the design and features that are now standard in all of our housings.
     We at Ocean Images & Co., Inc. are proud of the quality and functionality of our products and, as always, continue to look at new designs that will enhance the efforts of our customers all over the world.
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