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Ocean Images Video Housings Installation Guides & Maintenance Manuals
Ocean Images Video Housings Installation Guides & Maintenance Manuals
     Ocean Images Underwater Video Housing models are designed to take advantage of the features of the camcorders they are designed for.  General instructions for care of your housing are the same but information on installation and operation of controls vary according to the model.
     Be sure you select the correct guide for your video housing setup.
     If you have questions, contact us.
Guides to our Ocean Images under water housings and lights are available here in Adobe Acrobat PDF files. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the guides.  It is free and you may download it from Adobe by clicking on the Acrobat Reader icon here.
Helpful Hints for Underwater Housing Care and Maintenance
We get suggestions on care of equipment, photography methods and other useful information from many sources. 

If you have some information that will help other underwater photographers have more success with their goal or avoid problems, Ocean Images would like to hear from you.

Bristle Worm by Gary Wood - Panasonic GS-400


General Information

Before your dive trip, try your setup in a pool if there is one available.  Throw a few colored pool rings into the pool or some seashells or plastic toys that sink.  Work on your focusing, exposure and lighting.
Always rinse your housing and lights in fresh water after a dive. Check the o-rings to make sure they aren't nicked or have salt or sand crystals building up on them.
Do not use the buckets provided for mask rinsing on most dive boats - the solution may etch your lens. Rinse your lens in fresh water as soon as possible and dry with a soft cloth to avoid water droplets forming deposits.
Never place your underwater housing in a "rinse tank" and leave it for an extended length of time. Housings can be damaged by banging up against other housings in the tank. Rinse tanks that are used for rinsing other dive equipment may have high levels of salt water also. Rinse & remove the housing from the tank immediately.
After the Dive
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