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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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  We are proud of our Ocean Images Underwater Camcorder Housings.  As underwater photographers, we understand what an investment it is to step into the exciting world of underwater video.  Quality and reliability are the highest priority for ourselves and our customers.  Each time you enter the underwater environment, you want to be sure that your camcorder and under water housing will function as expected. 
     At Ocean Images, we are committed to making sure you enjoy the finest underwater experience possible. Our video camera underwater housing body is precision molded from aunderwater digital video camera housings high strength polymer. Each housing is finished with high visibility chrome yellow urethane. Marine compatible molded inserts are used throughout the housings for all screw threads and the face plate is attached with stainless steel spring draw bolts. All of our housings are pressure tested to 200 feet.

A polycarbonate clear rear closure plate allows full view of the housing interior on some models and the camcorder LCD display.


The plate is removable, providing full access to the housing interior and easy installation of the video camera into the housing.

     The O-ring seals are the extremely reliable quad type (where possible) with twice the sealing surfaces as ordinary round O-rings. A precision ground groove in the housing holds the seal securely in place.
   stainless steel housing clamps  We use stainless steel, self-locking compression latches to secure the rear closure plate to the housing. 

The latches produce enough force to compress the O-ring seals and keep the housing watertight.  Latch guards prevent accidental opening of the housing.

     Mounting dovetails are provided for attachment of Ocean Images Underwater Video Lights or for a weight that helps keep near neutral buoyancy when lights are not being used.
     The electronic controls which are used in all cameras equipped with a "LANC" are one of the best features for underwater photographers. Your hands never have to leave the controls to make quick adjustments or to focus on your subject.  The positive touch buttons are easy to reach with your thumb and respond instantly to your commands.
     Most of our housing models come with an internal flip-filter assembly.  The flip filter provides great flexibility in your video shooting and helps bring back some of the colors lost at depth.  Other models can be fitted with an optional flip filter or an internal screw on type filter.
      Ocean Images underwater video camera housings are designed with the underwater photographer in mind.  We offer housings which are individually molded for each different camera design.  Camera and battery fit snugly into the housing keeping the size as small as possible while providing full functionality of the view screen and controls.
     Our DP100 Dolphin Pro model underwater housing is designed as a "Universal Fit" housing and can be used with many different makes and models of video cameras. Switching cameras no longer means you have to also switch housings.
     All Ocean Images underwater video camera housings and lighting systems share the same high quality production standards and are backed by our 1-year warranty.
Canon GL-1/GL-2
Dolphin Pro
Dolphin Mini-TRV
Panasonic GS-120
Panasonic GS-400
Sony HC-1
Sony HC-3
Sony IP-55
Sony IP-220
Sony PC-Series
Sony SR Series
Sony XR Series
Sony CX-100
Sharp Viewcam

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