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Drew Wheeler (Co Owner,Videographer of ScubaDrew VideoWorks & PADI Scuba Instructor) has a passion for filming beneath the waves. After 13 years of Electronics Engineering in the L.A. aerospace industry, Drew purchased his first underwater camera and never looked back. “ I found the art of underwater filming to be both relaxing and challenging at the same time. You begin to view the undersea world in a completely different way”
Drew is currently shooting with a Sony HD HC3 in a modified Dolphin Pro housing fitted with the RB-75 lights

Drew and Jamie (wife/editor/co-owner) are enjoying the Island lifestyle. Living out in the country, just past the North Shore in Kahuku, is such a wonderful change from Los Angeles. They love being a husband and wife team that creates a unique and everlasting memory for every diver of their Hawaii diving experience.

Pictures below are from both video stills and photo mode. Video samples and more can be seen at www.scubadrewvideo.com and also check out Drew's Water Blog and his You Tube Page.



Alex Guapyassu
Antoinette van der Schriek
Carlton Adams
Clyde Thomas
Dean Carroll
Don Rubbleke
Drew Wheeler
Edward Bruneau
Florida Gulf Southwest
Geoff Maingart
James McGauhey
Ken Fiore
Konig Media
Looe Key
Michael Thibeau
Moises Braidor
Oscar Oviedo
Nurse Shark Spa
Ric Kasnoff
Rick Hart - Orca Video
Rongelap - Kemper
Rongelap - G & C Wood
Rusty Farst - Jaws
Stanley Liu Collection
Sven Peeters
Tom Tilmon
Truk Lagoon

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