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Tom Tilmon hails from North Carolina and uses a Dolphin Pro Housing with his Sony TRV103 Digital8 camcorder.

He sent us a nice collection from different areas including some images taken from the tanker Cassimir.  The Cassimir collided with the SS Lara in February 1942 and sank in 120 feet.  Five crewmen died in the sinking.  During a safety stop he saw two spotted eagle rays cruising about 50 feet below him.

The image of 2 Sandbar sharks was taken inside the NC Aquarium at Ft. Fisher by Tom's brother Mike Tilmon who is a volunteer aquarium diver. No filters or lights were used.  No color editing done.  A unique way to film sharks!

He also included shots from the Shipwreck Hyde which is an artificial reef off Wrightsville Beach, N.C. The Hyde lies at 70 feet and the photos were taken with no lights or filters.
There are some photos from the Shipwreck John D. Gill. They were taken with no lights or filters and a little color editing using Adobe.
The Gill was a large oil tanker on her second voyage. She was torpedoed by the U-158 in March of 1942. The German U-Boat 158 was Captained by Kapitanleutnant Erik Rostin.  23 men died in the fires and sinking of the tanker laden with fuel oil. There was a humungous ray, probably a southern stingray, on one of these dives and a swarm of cobia running 5-6 feet long which may give an idea of the size of the ray.

You can locate Tom from his main diving page located at Tom's Main Diving Page.


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