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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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Underwater filters and lens for camcorders
     Some video housing models come with optional wide-angle lenses incorporated into the port on the housing and others use a screw-on lens.  It's the same case for filters.  The XR-Series, SR-Series, HC-Series, CX-Series, PC-Series, along with some other models have a UR Pro color correction internal flip filter.  The Canon GL-1 and GL-2 housings and the DP100 Dolphin Pro housings and Mini Digital housings can have an optional external flip filter or you can use optional screw-on filters which attach to the camera lens.

We carry the following standard items and can special order if you need something that we don't have in stock.

Filters - Screw-on type
UR-37 mm CY UR-52 mm CY
UR-37 mm GR UR-52 mm GR
UR-58 mm GR UR-58 mm CY
External Flip Filter for Dolphin Pro, Mini-Digital, Mini-Panasonic and Canon GL
Lenses - Screw-on type
WA-37 Wide Angle - 37 mm lens
WA-52 Wide Angle - 52 mm lens
Step up rings are available for stepping up camera lenses 30 mm to 37mm and 30.5 mm to 37 mm, so that a color correction filter can be attached.
Lenses - Port Integrated
Wide angle/machined aluminum port systems.
    The XR-Series, SR-Series, HC-Series, CX-Series, PC-Series, along with some other models can be fitted with optional wide angle/machined aluminum ports which are seated to the front of the housing body in direct alignment with the camcorder lens.
We have 37 mm, 52 mm and 58 mm wide angle lens/machined aluminum ports depending on the diameter of the camcorder lens.
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Filters & Lenses
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