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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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O-ring parts and maintenance
     Care of the O-rings in an underwater housing is one of the most important factors in keeping your camera safe from flooding and leaks.  Ocean Images uses quad o-rings (where possible) that provide an extra level of protection.  O-ring grooves are precision machined to insure that o-rings seat properly in the housing body. 
     Every time you open your housing, a careful inspection of the o-ring should be done.  A small grain of sand, salt crystals or a tiny piece of lint can spell disaster.  When you remove the o-ring, carefully clean the groove and use a very small amount of silicon grease to coat the o-ring before replacing it.  The clear back plate on Ocean Images housings allows you a good view of the o-ring seal. Be careful to make sure there aren't any kinks or twists in the O-ring when placing it in the O-ring groove. 
     Keep spares handy so if the o-ring becomes worn or nicked, it is just a quick repair.  When ordering o-rings, make sure you specify the model housing or lights you are ordering for.  We suggest that you have at least 2 rear quad rings. One should be designated for use when the housing is stored and the other should be installed when you are preparing your housing for diving.
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