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Housings for Sony TR and TRV Cameras
     Our very popular Ocean Images Dolphin Pro Video Housing is "the housing you won'tDolphin Pro Housing outgrow".  The Dolphin Pro is designed to accommodate most Sony TR and TRV series camcorders, Canon video cameras with "LANC" input and some Ricoh model cameras. 

When you change video cameras, you don't have to buy a new housing.
The standard electronic controls on the Dolphin Pro include Power, Record, Zoom telephoto, Zoom wide and Manual/Auto focus.

As with all Ocean Images housings, the dovetail fitting on the bottom allows the addition of video lights or a buoyancy adjustment weight. 


An adjustable inner tray allows flexibility when positioning the camera in the housing.


Many options are available for the Dolphin Pro housing. 


Post mounted mirror assembly, an Easy View Monitor Back or a top mounted External View Monitor, internal and external flip filters, photo button in place of focus lock button, and manual control to switch camera mode between video and photo.

Although they are seldom needed, the Dolphin Pro housing has a list of replaceable parts which can be installed at our facility or ordered for self-replacement.  The parts include mechanical control unit, mounting tray, face plate, front port glass and front port retaining ring.
Weight: 14 lbs. 8 oz.
(with buoyancy compensation weights attached)
Interior Dimensions:
   9.5" front to back
   4 5/8" high
   5 3/8" wide
Depth Rating: 200 ft.
Canon GL-1/GL-2
Dolphin Pro
Dolphin Mini-TRV
Panasonic GS-120
Panasonic GS-400
Sony HC-1
Sony HC-3
Sony IP-55
Sony IP-220
Sony PC-Series
Sony HR Series
Sharp Viewcam

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