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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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     The Panasonic GS-400 housing takes advantage of this great camcorder.

With three CCD's and unprecedented manual control options you can expect truly exceptional video both in normal and low light. And with the 4 megapixel photo-still capability and you have everything in one housing/camera package.


One of the exceptional features of this housing (equipped with the optional professional mechanical control system) is the ability to access the full white balance controls.  Click here to view some comments on White Balance (PDF).
     Our Ocean Images Panasonic GS-400 housing is as compact as it can be while still allowing the big viewing screen to be open inside the housing.

The screen is recessed from the back opening which prevents reflection from your surroundings. 


Our unique electronic push button controls allow you good access to the camera functions including Record On/Off, Zoom telephoto, Zoom Wide, and Photo.  Manual controls include On/Off and Tape/Photo Card.

This housing includes push button Electronic controls, two mechanical controls, internal flip color correction filter, room for the extra capacity camera battery.  This underwater housing also includes a great wide angle lens in a machined aluminum port with absolutely no vignetting even in those 4 megapixel still shots.
We also offer optional professional mechanical control systems. These operate: Auto/Manual/AE selector, Focus/Zoom, Shutter/Iris, and white balance.
Depth Rating: 200 ft.
Internal Flip Filter is included with this housing.
An optional professional  control system is also available. It operates Auto/Manual/AE selection, Focus/Zoom, shutter/iris and white balance.
You will need Acrobat Reader to view the White Balance comments  It is free and you may download it from Adobe by clicking on the Acrobat Reader icon here.
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