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Sony Video Camcorder PC-101 Housing
     When the Sony PC-100 camcorder arrived on the scene, it opened a new world to underwater video photographers. Who ever thought that an affordable camcorder that was reasonable in size could produce the quality images that you get from the Sony PC-Series video cameras.
   Underseas Video Housing - Sony PC-101  Since Sony first introduced this line of camcorders, the Ocean Images Sony PC-100 has been the basis for many models including the PC-5, PC-8, PC-9, PC-110, PC-115, PC-120, PC-105, PC-101, PC-109, PC-330, PC-250 and the PC-1000.  This housing also includes the Canon Optura 200MC.

The Sony TRV19, TRV22 and TRV33 will fit into the PC Series Housings however the camera will have to be mailed to us for correct setup in the housing.

     The PC Series Housings have become some of our most popularSony PC-Series Housings products.  We were able to take the best features of this Sony camcorder and make them available to underwater photographers. 

The compact housing looks and feels so small, you can hardly believe that the viewing screen is open and that the largest battery made by Sony for this camera will fit. 

How many times have you drifted across a beautiful coral reef, teemingInternal Flip Filter Control with colorful tropical sea life to discover that you forgot to remove the filter on your video camera.  Too late to fix the problem, you hope that your editing software will help remove the mistake.  With the internal flip filter on our housings, the problem is solved. The flexibility to switch from filter to no filter is always available and with our internal flip filter, you don't have to worry about air bubbles getting trapped between the housing lens and the filter.
With 2 sets of electronic controls to choose from, you are the one who can make the decision on what features are the most important in your video photography excursions. 
The optional Pro/ALT upgraded control system adds push button electronic control of camcorder back lighting features and ability to switch camcorder from Auto Focus to Manual Focus and then electronically drive the focus.
Weight: 7 lbs.
External Dim:
 L: 8 1/2"
 H: 7 1/4"
 W: 12"
Internal Dim:
 L: 4 7/8"
 H: 5"
 W: 5 1/4"
 70 durometer
PC Series Includes

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