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Housings for the Sony HDR-SR11 and HDR-SR12.
     We have now added a new underwater housing designed to be used for the new Sony HDR-SR11 and HDR-SR12 camcorder models. This new housing has push button electronic controls that operate some camcorder functions by having just one wire plug from the housing microprocessor assembly into the new Sony A/V-R jack on the camcorder.


Features of the housing:

1. Push button electronic controls that operate: Record-On/Off, Zoom-Tele/Wide, Focus Lock and Photo.
2. Room on the inside of the housing for the camcorders large color view screen to be in a wide open position for easy viewing
3. A mechanical control that operates the camcorder mode control for: Power-On/Off and switching between recording video or capturing photos.
4. Internal UR Pro "CY" color correction filter that can be rotated in and out of position when needed (normally used between 10 and 60 feet of water depth to help capture the natural colors).
5. Standard flat glass/machined aluminum port for camcorder lens view.
6. Clear rear door assembly so the user can see everything inside the housing at all times.
7. Large carry handle attached to the top of the housing.
8. Buoyancy control weights included.
9. Rubber lens port protector and spare rear quad ring included.
10. Tested and rated to 200 feet.
Optional Items:
A. Upgraded Pro/ALT push button control system which adds push button control of camcorder backlighting feature and gives the ability to switch the camcorder from auto focus to manual focus when you want with 2 buttons to electronically drive the focus.
B. Wide angle (.45) machined aluminum port system in place of the standard flat port.
NOTE: This is not a full zoom through lens
C. Two mechanical controls that allow access to the camcorders touch screen for functions like manual white balance.
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