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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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Sharp ViewCam
     Sharp ViewCam Underwater HousingThe Sharp ViewCam and the Ocean Images Dolphin ViewCam Housing make an exciting combination for the underwater videographer. You can take full advantage of the large display and compact size of your Sharp ViewCam with a quality Dolphin ViewCam underwater housing.


Due to the simplicity of the controls, and ease of handling, you will get amazing pictures on your first dive.  Divers will enjoy the large display of the ViewCam and the absence of the tiny viewfinder found on many other camcorders. The large display shows the exciting images, in real time, as they are being recorded on tape.

     Sharp View Cam Housings Enhance your pictures with an optional wide angle lens and a color correction filter.


Three controls are standard: Power, Record Stop/Start and Zoom. The control assemblies are precision machined from stainless steel and fitted with double o-rings. The large knobs that actuate the controls are within easy reach of the video photographer.

Other optional items for the Sharp ViewCam include Photo Control, Internal Flip color correction filter or screw-on type color correction filter.
Sharp ViewCam Underwater housing and lights


Doing a little night diving or just want to add some color to your daylight shots? 


Add a set of Ocean Images Video Lights to your Sharp ViewCam and you've got a nice little setup that you can carry anywhere.


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Sharp Viewcam

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