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Ocean Images Underwater Housings
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Underwater Video Lights - RB75
     Our RB-75 Halogen Video Lighting system comes with precision maRB-75 Halogen Underwater Video Lightschined aluminum heads, dual 50-watt halogen intense beams and provides approximately 3-times more illumination than our standard RB-60 lights. 

Powered by a reliable 10,000 mAh rechargeable NiMH battery pack and a 110/220 vac charger, you can expect over one hour of continuous use and much longer under normal intermittent use. The durable battery pack will recharge for over 400 cycles.


Two stainless steel draw bolts open the battery housing to provide for quick changes of the battery pack.

We have added longer arms to provide more maneuverability, help reduce backscatter and allow better light in tight spots.

Protective rubber boot covers for the lamps are included.
RB60 Video Lights
RB75 Video Lights

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